ESD – What You Need To Know

ESD – What You Need To Know What is ESD? Electrostatic discharge or ESD as it’s also known is the sudden flow that happens between two electrically charged objects. This can happen due to an electrical short, a dielectric breakdown or from contact of objects.

A ‘Starlight’ is born

The British Built Aston Starlight A laser targeted beacon of the global audio equipment marketplace. European Circuits is delighted to be the chosen manufacturer of Aston Microphone’s new award winning Starlight microphone. The Aston Starlight is the first ever laser targeting pencil microphone, allowing for recall of mic position in studio use, an incredibly quick Read More

The Rise Of Robotics

We are sponsoring the Imperial College Robotics Society entry for Eurobot 2016/2017, and with this in mind, we have decided to reflect on the history of robotics and the impact that their introduction has had on the world.   Robotics play a huge role in our everyday lives, much larger than most of us even Read More

The Art Of Soldering

  Soldering is hugely important to us as a business, as almost every product and service that we provide to our customers involves soldering in some way. From PCB Assembly to BGA placement, cable assembly to SMT assembly, we’d be pretty stuck if nobody in our team knew how to solder. Luckily they do, and Read More