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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or need any advice, please just contact us by phone, email or via social media but below are some frequently asked questions that may be of help to you.

Do you charge Tooling and Plotting?

In short, yes we do. Here is why…

In PCB (bare board) manufacture a tooling and plotting charge includes making the photo masks for the printed layers and masks and programming the drill movements and bit changes.

In PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) a tooling and plotting charge covers the programming for the pick and place.

The tooling and plotting often falls under the term non-recurring engineering. Basically all the processes of NRE tooling are done once no matter how many boards are to be made. If the boards do not change in the future then you would not incur these charges for future orders.

What sort of lead time do you offer?

If you have an urgent enquiry we will always do our best to accommodate you. We pride ourselves on being agile enough to take on immediate enquiries as well as bookings way into the future.

It has been known for us to provide a 3-5 day lead time for PCBs and a 10 day lead time for PCB assemblies. On average we would say we work to a 10 day lead time for PCBs and a 20 day lead time for PCB assemblies.

If your project requires additional services such as PCB layout and design or a full product build, we will need to discuss this in more detail with you in order to to establish a lead time for your project.

What volumes do you specialise in?

We tend to specialise in low to medium volume orders. This can be from one off prototypes to tens of thousands.

We have dealt with larger orders (hundred thousand plus) in the past but we would need to discuss the lead times and complexity of the project if your volumes sit within this category.

One thing is for sure, if we can’t do it we will be honest and tell you so!

Do you actually make the board in-house?

Yes we do! This is one of our major selling points. European Circuits is one of only 2 companies in Scotland who genuinely manufacture Bare PCBs in-house.

This means we can offer fast turnaround PCBs for urgent requirements.

This also impacts on your assembly order too. We can control the quality of your project from start to finish as we produce everything here in Glasgow. We are accountable for the whole build. The buck stops with us as it were.

Furthermore, your logistics are simplified too.

How long have you been in business?

European Circuits has been making and assembling PCBs since 1999 here in Glasgow, Scotland.

A key to the the companies growth throughout the years has been our inclination to satisfy and respond to our customer needs and as such we have added extra value services such as Test, Design and Full Product build over the last 10 years.

We moved into our new 17,000 sq feet factory in 2009 and have plans to expand the premises in the future.


How many staff do you have?

We have 35 staff (and currently recruiting!). This is split between, PCB Manufacturing, Assembly, Design & Test, Administration, Purchasing, Finance and Sales.

Do you do Flexible PCBs?

Yes we have clients that require flexible PCBs. We are certainly capable of managing Flexible enquiries. Please note there are limitations as to what we can achieve in-house, so please get in touch and we will tell you if your specifications match our capabilities.

Do you have experience of working with start ups?

Yes, European Circuits has been involved in numerous projects where the customer only had a basic idea of what they would like to achieve at the outset.

In this circumstance we work with the client and use our own previous experience to get the concept into design phase and we take it from there.

Do you work with students?

We are currently working with numerous Universities and Colleges across the UK and in Europe.

We also have an upcoming student competition which is aimed at Robotics enthusiasts. Please follow our news stories for updates on this competition.

Do I have one point of contact to discuss my order?

Yes you do. Once you place an order you will have designated team member who is available for whenever you’d like to discuss the progress of your job

Furthermore, our production software allows us to trace every stage of the job and who is working on it at any given time, so we can you a real time update if required.

What market sectors do you work in?

We supply Printed Circuit Boards and Printed Circuit Boards Assemblies to a wide range of markets including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, security, lighting, robotics, marine, medical, military and more!

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