Button by Neatebox

For most, using a pedestrian crossing is a simple process. Approach the crossing, press the button, wait for the signal and cross the road. But for people with mobility or visual impairments these crossings can be much more of a challenge and their use can be a cause of real anxiety. Over 10% of the Read More

Fuelling the path to an IOT future

European Circuits is delighted to be a chosen supplier of FUELlink’s ‘VINIE’, a first of its kind internet of things product, allowing automatic vehicle identification, odometer transfer and vehicle fuel tank levels to be integrated with their fuel management system (FMS). Through Bluetooth® technology, VINIE transfers the vehicle’s identification, odometer and fuel tank levels to Read More

Smart Home Energy – Verv

European Circuits is delighted to be the chosen manufacturer of Verv’s smart home units. Verv is a clever home energy assistant that gives you intelligent information about your home appliances, helping you to tackle your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home safe. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Verv will identify what Read More

A ‘Starlight’ is born

The British Built Aston Starlight A laser targeted beacon of the global audio equipment marketplace. European Circuits is delighted to be the chosen manufacturer of Aston Microphone’s new award winning Starlight microphone. The Aston Starlight is the first ever laser targeting pencil microphone, allowing for recall of mic position in studio use, an incredibly quick Read More

All Aboard with ECL

ECL manufacture, source components and assemble PCBs for Acc+Ess Limited, makers of the ‘Protocab Model Railway Control System’, which not only makes railway modelling easy but fun and more realistic. For those that do not know much about railway modelling, involvement ranges from possession of a train set to large models of a railroad and Read More

Lady in Red

Bug free PCB’s manufactured by ECL. European Circuits first came into contact with Boldport on Twitter. We both design electronics and converse about PCBs online, so it now seems like a natural progression that we would eventually get round to discuss working together on a project. Following discussions, we were delighted to be chosen to Read More

Distance is no barrier to ECL

“The assemblies you have produced for us are perfect! We are very happy with your service” Bruno Bellini, BQN BQN are a technology company based in Uruguay. They provide custom design and manufacturing solutions to a variety of markets. One such market is in agriculture for which they supply livestock traceability systems. For the original launch Read More

iPhone Camera Accessory

European Circuits Limited were involved with the assembly of an Apple iPhone camera accessory. POPA was the big red button for your iPhone, giving it the feel of a proper camera. The lightweight device simply slotted into the base of the iPhone, instantly transforming the smartphone into a point and shoot camera, allowing users to capture precious Read More

Bespoke Light Installation

This is probably one of the most unusual projects European Circuits have been involved with – an interactive light installation. The finished piece is made up of illuminated brass rods, suspended from the ceiling in an arrangement of cubes. As people pass by, the lights follow, varying subtly in intensity. The person’s movement stimulates the Read More

Pyrotechnic Sequencer

Our customer for this product originally found ECL via our website and contacted us with regards the PCB assembly for his product. After initial discussions, it became clear that we could assist with the full product build. The unit that we built is a pyrotechnic sequencer. It allows the user to set up precise time Read More

Sound Made Visible

European Circuits were delighted to be involved with the Helmholtz project by Wintour’s Leap. Helmholtz is the first major installation from Wintour’s Leap. Changing patterns of light and shadow give the sense of being immersed in a space sensitive to sound, where even a whisper causes a stir and loud claps invoke waves of light Read More