“The assemblies you have produced for us are perfect! We are very happy with your service”
Bruno Bellini, BQN

BQN are a technology company based in Uruguay. They provide custom design and manufacturing solutions to a variety of markets. One such market is in agriculture for which they supply livestock traceability systems.

For the original launch of these products BQN had contracted out the PCB manufacture and assembly to sources in China.

Having experienced a number of problems relating to service, delivery and quality, they decided to look for a new supplier from Europe.

They contacted European Circuits looking for urgent assistance. After a period of consultation, spec. clarification and quotations, we delivered first products to Uruguay at the beginning of March 2015.

We have since delivered a number of batches covering various assemblies and have an ongoing relationship with BQN.

So wherever your company is based, distance is no barrier to us. Please take note….Glasgow to Montevideo, 6934 miles.