ECL came into contact with WRD just after they had entered the early stages of a new customer contract and in the middle of having quality/delivery issues from their existing supplier. WRD needed to quickly find a new supplier who could provide a quality product at a competitive price but also a company that could work to a tight timescale.


WRD Case Study 2

WRD design and produce GPS tracking systems for a variety of industry sectors. In this instance the application was for security monitoring of bicycles. The device also traces the movement of the bikes and thus is able to map out the health benefits of the miles cycled too.

Along with extensive PCB population capabilities ECL offers programming and test expertise to ensure delivery of completed working assemblies. In this case this meant that the product was delivered to WRD working and ready to go, saving WRD time on rework at their end, which they had been experiencing with their previous supplier.

Communication was particularly important with this project as WRD have staff based in the UK and Finland. Ultimately, open and decisive discussion with WRD led to a more efficient production process and successful delivery within the required timescale.

The core device is capable of supporting a range of expansion options including custom sensors such as air quality, accelerometers, temperature, humidity, and even radiation detectors. It also can be expanded with SD card logging capability. Once the appropriate expansion modules have been selected it is possible to produce customised housings to allow the device to be fitted into its desired location and survive and with a footprint of just 22x40mm, the core “IAM” tracking hardware can be installed in the tightest of spaces.


WRD Case Study

ECL offers a truly integrated manufacturing solution which means clients get to market quicker as shown in the case of WRD.


“We were in the early stages of a new customer contract and had quality and delivery issues from our existing supplier. We needed to quickly find a new supplier of quality assemblies at a competitive price. The timescale was a real concern as we already had predefined delivery commitments. I am delighted to say that ECL satisfied all our demands and our contract was a success. We look forward to utlising their services for upcoming projects”
Andy White, Managing Director