European Circuits is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Imperial College Robotics Society’s Eurobot entry for 2016/17!

European Circuits’ Marketing Manager, Neil Johnston, explains the reasoning behind the move, “We hope this initial sponsorship may be the beginning of a longer term relationship with the Imperial College Robotics Society. The company has worked with many robotics companies over the years and we see the value in promoting further innovation in the field. Educating and engaging with students in robotics is one of our common core goals and the main reason why we are entering into this arrangement.”

Imperial College Robotics Society Chairman, Tom Hartley has this to say about the support from European Circuits “The Robotics Society is incredibly grateful to European Circuits’ for their generous sponsorship. This support will allow us to engage with more students, both through our Eurobot team within Imperial, and at earlier levels of education through our outreach program. We look forward to collaborating closely with European Circuits to further develop our connections with industry over the coming year.”

About Eurobot

Eurobot is an international robotics contest open to teams of young people. Founded in 1998, it encourages students to construct a fully autonomous robot from scratch to complete a series of challenges that change each year.

The society has extensive experience entering robotics competitions such as Eurobot – They have entered this competition for 3 of the last 5 years, including travelling to the international final in Russia in 2011.

This year, the society will once again work to develop and put forth an entry to this competition. As Eurobot sponsor, the funds European Circuits have donated will be used to help build the robot, and fund any trips the society makes to competitions abroad.

Imperial College Robotics Society

Imperial College is the only University in the UK to focus exclusively on science, engineering, medicine and business. In 2015, Imperial was ranked the 8th best University in the world in the QS World University Rankings.

The Imperial College Robotics Society is both the largest student led robotics society in the UK and the largest voluntary academic society at Imperial. They run regular workshops, courses and events to keep their members educated and engaged with Robotics.

The society has excellent academic diversity – Their members come from 14 different Imperial departments and over 50 separate courses. As such, their members have the wide skill set necessary to teach, learn and practice robotics, an inherently multidisciplinary field.

Each year they run over 5 courses, ranging from Introduction to PCB Design to the ever-popular Robotics 101, where members are taught how to build a robot that can avoid objects. These engaging courses give their members a unique opportunity to discover robotics and learn the skills they need to build their own robot, or participate on their teams.

They’ve also helped organises several incredibly successful hackathons, such as Mission:Improbable in 2015, and HackScience in 2016. The society was founded by students in 2010 to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to work on projects in their spare time. Alongside constructing 3D printers, robotic hands, and laser-cut nerf guns, the members of the society also engage in outreach opportunities with local schools to encourage pupils into engineering.

Promoting the students work

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