At European Circuits, we have had the opportunity to exhibit at a number of fantastic events in the UK and across Europe. We’re delighted to look ahead to the IoT World Congress Event being held at the Gran Via in beautiful Barcelona this October. Over the three days (October 3rd to October 5th) we’re going to be among 220 other exhibitors with estimates suggesting around 10,000 attendees from over 70 countries being in attendance. It’s going to be quite an amazing event to be a part of.

The IoT Solutions World Congress Event showcases the links between industry and the Internet of Things. This year looks to double its intake in attendees in visitors compared to last year which adds to the excitement that the event brings.

The Internet of Things has grown from an intriguing concept over the past few years into a sophisticated network of technology that is now omnipresent in our everyday lives.

With this in mind, let’s look back at the evolution of the Internet of Things from those early days:

1969 – The early stages of ARPANET which as we know today as the internet is established at the great research institutes of UCLA and Stanford University.

1982 – Internet Protocol known as TCP/IP becomes standard which enables a worldwide network of interconnected networks. That is named, the internet.

1990 – The first thing is born. Simon Hackett and John Romkey create the world’s first connected device in 1990. They create a toaster that is powered by the internet.

1999 – The term ‘Internet of Things’ becomes reality as Kevin Ashton creates a global research network at the renowned MIT for academic laboratories focusing on IoT and RFID.

1999 – The M2M Protocol was created. The first machine to machine protocol for connected devices called the MQTT is shown to the world by Arlen Nipper of Arcom and Andy Stanford of IBM.

2000 – The mobile company LG plans to create the first connected fridge. The refrigerator would be able to sense items stored inside it using RFID scanning and barcode technology.

2005 – IoT starts to get global attention via a United Nations Telecommunications Report. A couple of years after the report is produced the first ever IoT conference takes place in Switzerland.

2008 – The IPSO Alliance is created which now has well more than 50 members.

2010 – Google implement the first self-driving project with their vision of driverless cars of the future.

2010 – BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy is introduced into the public domain which enables applications in the home entertainment, fitness and health care industries.

2014 – Technology giant Apple announces two big developments the health and home automation. Their called the Healthkit and Homekit.

We’re delighted to be associated with such a prestigious event and would love to speak to visitors about our experience of working with IOT products. For those that cannot attend, perhaps you would like to read the below case studies that showcase some of the IOT work we have been involved in recently:

European Circuits Rides to the Rescue

Safe in the knowledge

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