We know that every requirement isn’t the same but you should be getting a service that produce robust PCB’s on time and on budget. At European Circuits, we appreciate that customers have specific needs they have to factor in when choosing a PCB supplier so here’s several things you need to consider when sourcing .

Check the company track record

Making sure you find a PCB supplier with a good track record is vital if you not only want to stay in business but want to look after your customer base. European Circuits can provide testimonials and you can view our Customer Survey.

Certifications and accreditations

Checking that the supplier invests in the correct quality procedures is very important. Ask what procedures and standards the supplier implements. View our Quality.

Is board manufacturing and assembly carried out by the same company

Are they both being completed in the same place or a different location? These tasks should be completed in the same area to avoid lead time and logistical issues. Furthermore, having one company for all of the supply means that ultimately, should there be any issues, the buck stops at one company’s door.

Approach to supplier relationships and the materials they purchase

PCB supplier’s will have different capabilities when it comes to sourcing products. Check and ask about your chosen vendor’s approach to the supply of materials.

Building relationships is vital, that’s why a PCB supplier who has a good relationship with their suppliers will have a better window in to the global commodities market. This will ease potential stumbling blocks.


When getting a quote, a reliable PCB supplier will take time to give you a quote as they will perform an in-depth review of the design. Experience and know how is also vital. Please note that the speed of quote is important in many ways – Yes, if the quote comes back very fast it may be the case not enough time has been taken to work out the job in prospect but on the other hand a slow response can be a precursor for what is to come, a slow and lethargic delivery.

Your lead time will dictate how long you can wait for a quote but ideally, 24 hours should be ample time for most quotes to be achieved.

Delivery Time

Do the timescales enable you to meet your obligations? How quickly will the PCB supplier complete your order?

Check if the timescales that have been delivered to you are from when the designs have been completed or since the day the designs were requested. If it’s the former, lead times will need to be added to from date of design completion.

European Circuits has 6 SMT pick and place machines, enabling quick turnaround assemblies.

Capacity and Capability

Will the order be completed on time, even if it’s a large quantity order?

And will they be able to meet your specifications as to the right substrates, finish, number of layers and correct copper thickness.

PCB suppliers who build long term and genuine relationships with customers will be happy to talk through the design with customers and give you an idea of what works best.

At European Circuits, we abide by these rules as a PCB Supplier and we want to highlight these sourcing points to help with your decision making.

Please get in touch via our contact form or by 0141 941 1388 if you would like to discuss any of these topics in more detail.