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PTH Assembly

  • Prototype, Low & Medium Volume PTH Assembly

  • All your plated-through-hole assembly needs are catered for. A responsive and flexible approach means we can provide you with a cost effective quick turn solution for your prototypes or production needs. Whilst we will guide you through the quickest possible route to market, we will never allow speed of service to compromise quality.

  • Wave Soldering

  • The conventional PTH parts on your volume assemblies can be wave soldered using our Novastar system. The entire process is RoHS compliant for Lead-free assemblies. Daily quality control checks and maintenance procedures ensure the quality levels required by today’s demanding market sectors such as Automotive and Medical are met.

  • Hand Soldering

  • We have highly skilled operators ready to hand assemble components where wave-soldering is not appropriate. Regardless of whether your products are produced using hand or wave soldered processes, we guarantee acceptance standards to IPC 610 class I, II or III as required.

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