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SMT Assembly

  • Automated Placement

  • Our fully automated Pick & Place systems ensure we have plenty capacity to cater for all your SMT assembly requirements. These machines are capable of placing most modern fine pitch surface mount packages and discrete to 0201 size.

  • Prototype & Low Volume Production

  • For your prototype and low volume needs we have number semi-manual vacuum pen placement systems which allow for fast turnaround & competitive assembly solutions.

  • SMT Stencils

  • The use of our in-house SMT stencils ensures accurate paste application to the bare PCBs. And our Mycronic YPro MY700 Jet Printer makes it possible to dispense solder paste for the most challenging circuit boards and components, with micrometer accuracy, maximum speed and perfect quality solder joints.

  • IR Reflow

  • Regardless of whether your surface mount boards are placed automatically or manually, the same carefully controlled procedures apply. A quality finish compliant with IPC610 standards is completed using a carefully selected temperature profile on our IR reflow ovens.

  • Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering

  • Vapour phase is considered to have process advantages over convection in terms of giving control and stability over the reflow cycle. The vapour phase process involves heating up the PCB through the Galden vapour, an inert medium. The end result of the vapour phase soldering is an assembly that has been reflowed with a uniform heat source and free of oxidation.

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