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PCB Design & Test

We often say to customers that we prefer to be brought in as early as possible with a project.

Not only does this familiarise ourselves with the task at hand but it also offers us the opportunity to provide suggestions of ways to improve the design. Visit Design & Full Product Build for more information

The importance of testing builds go hand in hand with design and we can offer a whole variety of ways to test your design and build. We even have experience of creating custom test jigs for specific clients. Visit Test for more information

You can also take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the component marketplace. Not only are we confident that we can make savings on parts due to our long standing relationships with suppliers, we are certain that we will save you time and hassle of sifting through the various parts of your build. Visit Component Procurement for more information.

Furthermore, you may be looking for advice on new emerging technologies (Internet of Things, Wearables, etc) and their respective manufacturing techniques. European Circuits can steer you in the right direction! This can include help with design guidelines, build acceptance standards and a variety of support documentation.


Free PCB Design Layout Software

If you are new to PCB Design you will probably want tpcb-bannero take advantage of our design expertise. However, you may want to learn how to use design layout software without any major investment. If so, you can by downloading free PCB CAD Software Design Spark from RS.

Open Source PCB Design Layout Software

The folks at Boldport have created PCBmodE, free open source softwarePCBmodE web for designing printedcircuit boards, but with an artistic persepctive. Traditional EDA tools are designed from an engineering perspective (See Design Spark above if that applies to you), whereas PCBmodE treats the PCB as a creative palette.

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