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ALL bare boards are ATE tested prior to despatch or assembly and ALL assemblies are inspected using Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) units.

Bare Board ATE

ATE (Automatic / Automated Test Equipment) is a test performed on our bare PCB’s to ensure there are no open or short circuits on the PCB.



The majority of our existing customers expect us to perform some degree of test to their assembled PCBs, sub-assemblies or completed products. Often this takes the form of a ‘Functional Test’, i.e. checking the operation of the assembly. We are happy to accept your propriety test equipment or replicate this as required. Equally well if you wish to provide us with a test specification we can have a customized test kit built for you. We can also work with you to develop your test strategy.

JTAG Testing

JTAG connection test will check that the connections around the JTAG enabled devices on a board are the same as those specified in the design.

Where two JTAG enabled pins are meant to be connected the test will make sure one pin can be controlled by the other. Where enabled pins are not meant to be connected they are tested for short circuit faults by driving one pin and checking that these values are not read on the other pins.

Missing pull resistors and ‘stuck-at’ faults can also be found by a connection test as well as faults involving logic devices whose behaviour can be described in a truth table.

XJTAG will automatically generate the vectors required to run a connection test based on the netlist of a board and JTAG information for the enabled devices.

We’re delighted to discuss your testing requirements in more detail. Contact us for further discussion.

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