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PCB Manufacture

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European Circuits are one of the few UK companies that genuinely offer PCB fabrication at our facility in Glasgow.

If you already have your gerber files available, simply send them to us along with your quantity and lead time requirements for a same-day quotation. If you’re only at the schematic stage, we can assist with PCB layout.

We offer a wide choice of PCB options including:

  • Layer Count
  • Material specification (FR4, Polyimide and Aluminium)
  • Finish (Hot Air Solder Levelling or Gold Plating)
  • Resist Colour
  • Ident Colour
  • Copper Weight

The Printed Circuit Boards we produce are recognised under the Component Recognition Program of UL and you can download our Certificates of Compliance here:

UL Certificate – Single Layer
UL Certificate – Multilayer

Why not take advantage of simpler logistics. Your blank PCB’s can start being assembled within minutes of coming out of our bare board manufacturing area. Click here to find out more about our PCB assembly services.

Want to discuss your requirements? We can arrange for our Business Development Team to contact you for a chat. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

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