FireStorm 05

Our customer for this product originally found ECL via our website and contacted us with regards the PCB assembly for his product. After initial discussions, it became clear that we could assist with the full product build.

The unit that we built is a pyrotechnic sequencer. It allows the user to setTX1 pic 1-700x700 up precise time delays between pyrotechnic effects in various ways. The most common way will be to use the unit alongside another firing system so when a voltage is put into the trigger input terminals from an existing firing system, the user will get a timed sub-sequence of fireworks or special effects. It can also be used to step to the next cue on each input pulse, giving the option to expand the number of cues fired.

The unit also finds many uses in special effects for film and television. For example, for bullet hits from machine gun fire and gun fire coming through walls. We also hear that the units are being used on several high profile commercials!

For more information about EasyPyro and their Firework Firing Systems, visit their website at


“We looked at several companies in the UK for our PCB and Final Assembly solutions, before settling on European Circuits. We found them not only cost competitive but the level of professionalism and service has been faultless. With their ‘all round’ capability, we have been able to keep our PCB manufacture, population, cable assembly and box build under one roof. This has so far provided a seamless manufacturing experience that saves both time and money. We look forward to working with European Circuits on future projects”
Andrew Simpson, Managing Director