Picture2European Circuits has started seeing clients’ multifaceted applications being labelled Internet of Things (IoT). The common technology linking these projects is the use of the internet to transfer data.

European Circuits is working with up to ten clients involved in such projects including: location
tracking and movement pattern analysis of inner city bicycles; security tracking of personal belongings; environmental monitoring and data logging; intelligent heating systems; motor sport data logging; and communications and monitoring for smart city trialing.

One such client, Replicade, specialise in Asset Management and Tool Control revolving around their core “RAMLoop” platform.

RAMLoop is cloud based, leveraging new technologies such as Mobile Devices, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS and iBeacons and unifying them into a real-time data platform.

‘RAMLock’ is one of several Replicade products that uses the “RAMLoop” platform. This product is an electronic locking technology solution which allows any type of storage to have centrally managed access control.

Industry examples include; a six-drawer tool cabinet with swipe card access, with user authorisation to unlock drawers 1, 2 and 3 and a Wall mounted, single-door pharmaceutical cabinet with fingerprint reader, with real-time audit trail when the door is unlocked.

European Circuits has assisted Replicade with this from Design phase all the way to Full Product Build.

Replicade Technical Director, Alistair Carty “European Circuits have been great to work with. From the outset I was delighted to find that their staff were knowledgeable and thought creatively about our project, not just accepting the work in front of them, but actually coming back to me with ideas on how to improve the product, whilst also giving me that feeling of being in full control.

Incrementally and methodically we built and improved on the initial design, aided by the fact I was able to check in and discuss the project at any time, and by the full product build stage we had exactly what we were after.”

European Circuits has already acquired considerable experience handling such devices and can anticipate potential pitfalls before they happen; therefore if you have an IoT related product you want to take to market contact us today!